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FOR 2023, EXPECT ORDERS TO TAKE LONGER THAN USUAL. DO NOT CALL, DO NOT EMAIL. WE ARE FOCUSED ON PRESCRIBED BURNING ON OUR PRESERVES AND ORDERS CAN AND WILL TAKE A BACK SEAT TO THIS IMPORTANT RESTORATION WORK. We will send an e-mail when we ship. Pictures are representative of actual plant shipped but there may be differences in individual plants AND leaves are cut off prior to shipment.

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International orders are on hold until we hire additional staff and submit UFFWS permits

Meadowview now has CITES permits for international shipment of our plants

  1. The buyer must pay a $75.00 phytosanitary fee
  2. Additional shipping charges may be assessed depending on where the order is being shipped.
  3. Orders for Venus flytrap require an additional inspection and shipment in Wilmington, NC. Expect additional time and shipping charges for flytrap orders.
  4. We will ship internationally all year but suggest our winter months (Nov. - March) when the plants are dormant for best results.

Please note orders are handled by non-compensated volunteer staff and that other activities (grant writing, research, intern program, and preserve restoration) may take precedence over plant orders, particularly in the spring. Due to these other important Meadowview activities orders normally take 1-3 weeks to ship. We will fill orders as promptly as possible but there may be delays. We will send an e-mail when we ship.

Growing instruction are not provided with orders. We advise customers to consult the internet and other available literature for growing instruction. As always, we are happy to field any question you may have.

Our focus is on the pitcher plant genus Sarracenia but we also offer a number of interesting associate and novelty tropical plants for sale at Meadowview Biological Research Station. All plants are from propagated material. If there are plants you are interested in but do not see in our catalog please ask us.

Unlike other companies, we ship only mature plants to ensure the highest quality plants and a satisfied customer. A mature pitcher plant is defined as a single growth point that is capable of producing a flower. We typically harvest from stock pots to fill orders so there is variation in rhizome size and where the rhizome breaks at harvest. We suggest ordering in late winter before plants have started growth to get both the best plants we have available and to ensure that plants have a full season of growth. When orders are placed during the growing season we cut-off any open pitchers during preparation of the order to avoid potentially shipping unwanted insects around the country. Plants are washed and bare-rooted, wrapped in moist paper towel, placed in Ziploc bags, and shipped by U.S. Priority Mail. .

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International Shipment of Plants Now Available.

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